Dr. V. Kumar
Principal Scientist


Specialization / Discipline

Horticulture/ Production System Management


Nutrient Management , Production and PHT

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Salient Research Achievements in bulletin

  • Standardized season of planting for commercial cultivars of banana
  • Standardized integrated weed management practices for banana.
  • Standardized mulching and fertigation technology
  • Standardized planting systems, spacing and nutritional requirement for commercial cultivars of banana
  • Standardized stage wise nutrient requirement for enhancing the quality production of banana cv. Udhayam.

Current Research Projects (Institute)

  • Standardization of Agro-techniques for banana production and productivity (PI)
  • Fertilizer tailoring for targeted yield and sustainable soil health (Co PI)
  • Studies on effect of micronutrients in banana (Co PI)

Current Research Projects (External)


Area of Interest

Crop Production System Management/ Integrated Nutrient Management/  Precision farming/ Good Agricultural Practices for Banana

Total Research publications


Best 5 publications

  • Sundararaju, P. and V. Kumar. 2003. Management of root-lesion nematode,Pratylenchus coffeae in six commercial cultivars of banana through organic and inorganic amendments. Info Musa. 12: 35-38
  • Uma, S., Kalpana, S., Sathiamoorthy, S. and V. Kumar. 2005. Evaluation of Commercial cultivars of banana (Musa spp.) for their suitability for fibre industry.Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter No. 142: 29-35.
  • Shiva shankar, S. and V. Kumar. 1999. Pattern of fruit development in six banana varieties. Indian J. Plant Physiology 4 (4): 286-288.
  • Sundararaju, P., Mustaffa, M.M., Kumar, V., Cannayane, I. and Tanuja Priya, B. 2002. Effect of organic farming on plant parasitic nematodes infesting banana cv. Karpuravalli. Current Nematology 13: 39-43
  • Uma, S., Kalpana, S. and Kumar, V. 2007.  Evaluation of culinary Musagermplasm for fibre yield and quality. The Indian J. Agric. Sciences 77 (8): 553-557.


  • Fellow of Association for the Improvement in Production and Utilization of Banana.
  • Fellow of Confederation of Horticultural Associations of India.